Professional, friendly help
you can rely on

One of PGC’s greatest strengths is our highly-skilled team of trained technicians. PGC professionals bring decades of experience to the job. Our stringent qualification procedures ensures that you get service from operations and maintenance experts who are licensed, knowledgeable and innovative in their approach to problems.

All of our Ontario technicians are on-staff, not casual contract workers or sub-contractors. Nationwide, we service clients through exclusive, best-of-breed alliances. They are backed by leading edge tools, including a proprietary tracking and reporting system that provides instant access to details on the equipment that needs servicing. Being equipped with this knowledge often translates to shorter service calls and significant cost savings to clients.

The PGC network comprises professionals from across the technical 
spectrum, allowing you to draw from a deep resource pool that can address 
all your needs. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly, service-oriented approach and consider
our clients as partners in our own progress.