Move up to the fast lane

Today's data networks run at speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second – or several times quicker than they used to only a few years ago. Given the importance of communications in today’s world of business, a fast network is critical to productivity and can deliver a significant competitive advantage.

If your company has multiple offices, or even computers located in different areas of the same building, a lightning-fast Internet connection and Ethernet network will result in an almost instant surge in productivity. PGC engineers can help you plan, configure and set up an accelerated data network that runs efficiently and is geared for the
latest technology.

We understand the importance of security, providing industrial-grade solutions that block unauthorized access to your network, yet are flexible enough to permit connections for remote home workers.The use of superior hardware and installation of fallback systems ensures zero downtime, and off-site backup solutions provide the peace of mind that your data will always be safe.

The Data Communications services that PGC offers include:

Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) 
LAN to Internet Setup 
Dedicated Internet Access
Converged Network (Voice, Video, Data)
Network Security 
Data Backup (On-site and off-site)
Telephone & Paging Systems
Private Lines




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