Make the switch to higher energy savings

Excessive heat, dust and loose connections in electrical circuitry may be costing your company tens of thousands of dollars each year. Using state-of-the-art Infrared Scanners, PGC can immediately identify conditions that are wasteful or unsafe – setting the stage for improved production efficiencies and lower maintenance costs.

Our skilled technicians will scan and evaluate the severity of electrical issues, and recommend steps to have your electrical system working at peak efficiency again. Studies estimate that half of all electrical failures could have been prevented with routine maintenance. Combine that with the high cost of downtime (or, worse, electrical fires), and you'll see how our Predictive Maintenance Program can deliver huge cost savings.

If equipment has become obsolete or needs replacing, we can recommend the best choices for new systems, plus we can install and maintain them for you. Electrical services we offer include installation, inspection and maintenance of:

Uninterruptible Power Systems Industrial Control Wiring
Code Violation Corrections Intercoms
Equipment Wiring and Certification Lighting Applications
Fire Alarms Rewiring for Renovation Projects
Indoor Security & Emergency Lighting Standby Generators
  Ventilation Fans and Blowers

ESA Registration Information:
Powerful Electrical Services Ltd.
EC License: 7000193
DME License: 6000323

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