A fire safety program
designed for peace of mind

Fire can have devastating effects on a company, in terms of staff safety as well as potential loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information. The interruption in business alone can take months or years to fully recover from.

It is hence critical for companies today to have industrial standard fire prevention and protection systems. At PGC, we provide a comprehensive fire safety service, so you only need deal with a single, trusted company for all your requirements. We are experienced in the installation and servicing of advanced, industry-specific systems provided by top-rated fire protection equipment vendors.

We offer innovative solutions for your complex commercial fire hazards, using tested and proven design concepts. Our fire safety experts have extensive project experience and can effectively liaise with architects and engineers to offer the best resolutions to any unique design challenge.

PGC’s Fire Safety Program includes a thorough risk assessment conducted by specialists, who will detail all potential issues and shortcomings. Our professional technicians will carry out any required installations or repairs to meet or exceed fire safety standards. We provide ongoing maintenance through service calls, annual inspections and tests.


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