About us

We believe in the true meaning of customer service, and that's not an empty promise.

A service-driven approach. ‘Customer service’ is a term that many companies promise, but rarely deliver. All too often, clients find out too late that their contracted maintenance provider simply cannot provide the level of service that they expect or require. Perhaps the service company has been too long in business and grown too big to care about individual clients. Perhaps they use outside contractors who can’t fit you into their schedule.

At PGC, all of our Ontario technicians are on-staff, licensed professionals. Nationwide, we service clients through exclusive, best-of-breed alliances. What this means to you is that when you pick up the phone, you have immediate access to a well-staffed network that can provide an exhaustive range of services.

We believe in the true meaning of customer service, and that’s not an empty promise. If you’d like to read our customer testimonials or speak to one of our existing clients, please get in touch.

When speed is of the essence. PGC technicians are available for service calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A centralized dispatch system and the strength of our network means we respond to calls very quickly, usually within hours. We even offer emergency service, for those times that more immediate support
is required.

Customized solutions for your company. At the heart of our operation is a proprietary software that provides our technicians with instant access to relevant information specific to your setup. It also analyzes data from your systems to generate detailed cost and efficiency reports, allowing our experts to offer cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs.

PGC has qualified experts for every single service offering,so what you get is knowledgeable advice and solutions that are proven and right for you.

An approach that delivers. Our ‘service-speed-solutions’ approach has earned the trust and respect of clients, and we’re proud to say that our rapidly expanding customer list today includes every size of company, from single-office businesses to multi-location giants.

To ensure we maintain our much-envied level of customer service, we have added to our network of professionals to keep pace with client growth. In 2005, PGC acquired Shaughnessy and Associates, a highly regarded heating specialist established in 1961.

PGC recently launched two new departments – Fire Safety Services and Data Communications – to provide our clients with a complete,
well-rounded package.

With our superior team, state of the art technology, flexibility, quick response times and thorough professionalism, why not get the power of PGC to work for you?

We Have 20 Years of Experience. Established in 2000, PGC has grown to a become a premier Full Facilities Service Provider – Self Performing Day-to-Day Service and Managing all Projects In-House.

ESA & TSSA Certified. PGC maintains an exception record with both Provincial and National governing bodies.  In addition, PGC is Certified by many Third-Party safety assurance organizations including ComplyWorks, ContractorCheck, RiskApproved, and MyRegister.

Best Materials / Low Price. Leveraging our economies of scale; PGC is able to offer high quality materials at low wholesale price.  We work with our vendors to ensure that cost savings are passed on to our clients.

Professional & Reliable.We have fully licensed and qualified service technicians that continually receive ongoing training in the latest innovations in the industry today. All our technician are fully insured and branded with the PGC name and identification.

If you need more information or wish to discuss your operations and maintenance requirements, please call 1.800.PGC.8046 or send us an email today.